Industrial Roots Blowers and Vacuum Pumps

Piling Casings UK can exclusively offer a range of positive displacement roots blowers and vacuum pumps through our sister company, HR Blowers UK. As a world renown manufacturer of roots type blowers, HR Blowers also supply blowers globally from a range of other quality manufacturers such as Howden, Dresser to name a few.

About HR Blowers UK

HR Blowers have been manufacturing roots type blowers in one guise or another since 1850. Shipped globally, they offer a range of blower products & parts from a range of manufacturers.

Industrial Blowers and Vacuum Pumps

  • HR Bi-Lobe Roots Blowers – The HR range of industrial bi-lobe positive displacement blowers come in a range of frame sizes. This quality and ultra-efficient range of UK manufactured industrial blowers caters for capacities up to 37,200 m3/hr and pressures up to 1000 mBarG. Their roots blower range also can be offered with a range of specialised coatings.
  • HR Trinado Scirocco Tri-Lobe Blowers – These tri-lobe roots blowers were designed and developed for significantly improved efficiency and reduced noise versus. Compatible with the Dresser Trinado and Dresser Roots XLP range of positive displacement blowers what’s more, they adopt a simple bolt in replacement approach meaning there is no need for alterations to your existing installation.
  • HR Truck mounted Bi-Lobe Blower Series – The industrial HRBV/RBTM truck blower series has a similar construction, performance efficiency and reliability as are the HR Roots Blower range, except they are designed for direct truck mounting with headplates and adapted cylinders for easy mounting and effortless portability.
  • HV Vacuum Booster Pumps – The HV range of industrial roots type high vacuum booster pumps are designed to increase both the capacity and performance of liquid ring vacuum or sliding vane vacuum pumps. These compact positive displacement vacuum pumps offer volume flows from 500m3 to 40,000m3 and are highly adaptable at installation
  • Howden Dresser Roots Blowers

HR Blowers are also an official Howden Dresser Roots blower distributor, offering access to:

    • Howden Universal RAI Rotary Blowers (URAI)
    • Howden Dresser Roots RCS Series Blowers.
    • Howden Dresser Roots Dry Vacuum Jetted (DVJ) Positive Displacement Blowers.
    • Howden Dresser Roots RAS and RGS Blowers.
    • Industrial Roots RAM Blowers
    • Large Industrial Roots Blowers and Factory Blower Packages.

Want to know more about the range of Roots Blowers & Vacuum Pumps? Call their team of engineers today on +44 (0)1484 691858 or complete their simple contact us form and they will call you back.