Drill Rod & Piling Casing UK manufacture a Rotary Percussive Casing Series at our large capacity state of the art CNC production facility, using sing either EN19T or 4145 H-Mod high tensile steel. The EN19T Rotary Percussive Casing couplings can be nitride hardened to provide superior wear resistance and longer service life. From quarrying to oil & gas or water works to site investigation, our Rotary Percussive Casings will not let your project down.

About our Rotary Percussive Casing Series

Our range of Rotary Percussive Casings Series also offer following flexibility:

  • Stock is available today in various sizes & lengths (up to 114mm diameter size and 6000mm in length), ready for shipping. Full specifications and sizing details are shown in the table below.
  • Compatible with other manufacturers drilling equipment giving you flexibility of choice.
  • Produced using high tensile body Tube (42.5 tonne min) and 55/65 tonne tensile material for coupling sections.
  • All threads are checked & inspected prior to dispatch as part of our rigorous quality assurance programme
  • Our Rotary Percussive Casings can also be supplied friction welded, shrink welded or fine thread connected – all to suit your needs.
  • Thread protectors can be supplied in both plastic and steel upon request.
  • Other sizes & threads are available through our custom design & manufacturing service where we can supply drill rods to your unique specifications.
  • Quick order turnaround and dispatch.
  • Worldwide shipping available

Need a quote for Rotary Percussive Casings? Call our engineering team today on 01484 640898 or complete our simple contact us form and we will call you back.

Outside Diameter (mm) Nipple Bore (mm) Thread Type Joints
73 48 Cylindrical/Conical Coupled
76 50 Conical Coupled
89 64 Cylindrical/Conical Coupled
102 72 Cylindrical/Conical Coupled
114 88 Cylindrical/Conical Coupled
133 108 Cylindrical Coupled
152 127 Conical Coupled
178 146 Conical Coupled
194 159 Conical Coupled
Outside Diameter Imperial (inch) Nipple Bore Imperila (inch) Thread Type Joints
2 7/8″ 1 7/8″ Cylindrical/Conical Coupled
3″ 1 15/16″ Conical Coupled
3 1/2″ 2 1/2″ Cylindrical/Conical Coupled
4″ 2 13/16″ Cylindrical/Conical Coupled
4 1/2″ 3 7/16″ Cylindrical/Conical Coupled
5 1/4″ 4 1/4″ Cylindrical Coupled
6″ 5″ Conical Coupled
7″ 5 3/4″ Conical Coupled
7 5/8″ 6 1/4″ Conical Coupled