The Piling Casings UK standard range, up to 36” outside diameter (OD), of Rope Thread Piling Casings are manufactured here in the UK, using ST52 or L80 high quality steel. Designed for projects such as underpinning, ground stabilisation and ground support, our Rope Thread Steel Piling Casings have proved time and again that their reliability and robust construction are second to none.

About our Steel Rope Thread Piling Casings

Piling Casings UK’s range of deep bore Steel Rope Thread Piling Casings offer the following flexibility:  

  • Up to 36″ O/D rope thread pile casings. Full specifications and sizing details are shown in the table below.
  • Large range of Stock available and ready for shipping.
  • Compatible with other manufacturers deep drilling equipment, they are designed for use in either over burden pile or driven pile systems.
  • Pile casings with either single start, 2-start or 3-start rope thread options
  • Left hand threads, perfect for auger drilling or right hand threads, compatible with tri-cone or drag bit operations.
  • Tube straightness is inspected before any manufacturing processes are started and all threads gauged & inspected prior to dispatch as part of our rigorous quality assurance programme.
  • Permanent or temporary piling casing options available.
  • Other sizes are available through our custom design & manufacturing service where we can design and build to your unique specifications.
  • Quick order turnaround and dispatch.
  • We also offer a range of casing accessories such as cutting crowns and shoes.
  • Global shipping available.

Need a quotation for our Steel Rope Thread Piling Cases? Speak to our team of Engineers today on 01484 640898 or complete our simple contact us form and we will call you back.

Outside Diameter Metric (mm) Inside Diameter Metric (mm) Thread Type Thread Starts
114 89 Knuckle 2
140 114 Knuckle 2
114 89 Rope 3
127 102 Rope 3
133 108 Rope 3
140 114 Rope 3
152 127 Rope 3
168 143 Rope 3
178 152 Rope 3
194 168 Rope 3
219 194 Rope 3
244 219 Rope 3
273 248 Rope 3
298 273 Rope 3
305 279 Rope 3
324 298 Rope 3
340 314 Rope 3
356 330 Rope 3
406 381 Rope 3